Car Accident Wrongful Death

Your life will never be the same after a Car Accident Wrongful Death.
The shocking phone call came on what was supposed to be just an ordinary day.
Or maybe you were also in the same fatal car accident but survived…

Now through all the suffering you have to deal with finding a law firm to give you the correct information, to treat you with respect and understanding for your tragic loss and to aggressively apply ethical and experienced legal services to protect your legal rights and pursue justice against the responsible and negligent driver.

The selection of a law firm should be made by you based upon the lawyers experience, credentials, reputation, and also how you feel, what your gut tells you about how you have been treated during the interview. Because let’s face it, most of the time your free consultation with a personal injury lawyer is also a chance to interview that law firm for purposes of signing up with the law firm.

Also, if the death has happened recently, there may be aspects to preserving, as evidence, the actual car involved in the accident. This is especially important if the accident was in any way related to a tire blow out, a brake failure, vehicle recall defect, or rollover.

Similarly, if there are issues as to whether a seat belt was being used or not, or if there is a question of the deceased having used drugs or alcohol, then there may be even more complexity introduced which needs rapid investigation, as compared to what appears on the surface about why the accident caused their death.

If there is any ongoing construction of the roadway, such as ditches, broken road surface, warning cones, redirected traffic, then the accident scene should be photographed immediately and perhaps the approaching area to and from the accident scene needs to be photographed and videotaped as well.

There may be time sensitive evidence to obtain, such as skid marks, roadway gouges, tire tread thickness/balding tires or other pieces of evidence which may make the deadly car accident crystal clear to a jury.

For recent accidents where this law firm has been retained, the law firm normally uses a highly respected homicide accident investigator and then may also bring an accident reconstruction analyst expert into the case

There are so many variables to each car accident wrongful death case that it would be a lot easier on you to make the free phone call than to wade through the information about insurances, types of coverage, who is entitled to recover what kind of money compensation damages, time limits to sue.

As a matter of fact, it would be a good idea to make the phone call just to get a sense of what topics are best for you to learn about through the internet if that is what you would prefer to do.