Child and Infant Swimming Pool Drowning Lawsuits

Child and Infant Swimming Pool Drowning Lawsuits

These tragic events happen far more frequently than most of us may expect.
Drowning claims more lives of children age 4 and under than car accidents.

Here are some of the more recent drowning circumstances which I have evaluated:

  • Swimming pool did not have a properly functioning swimming pool enclosure fence.
  • A child tiptoed from the shallow end of the pool, gradually creeping into deeper water so imperceptibly that other children playing around her did not recognize it, and all of sudden her feet were unable to find the bottom.
  • The swimming pool drain suction was too strong, and pinned the child at the bottom.
  • The hotel did not have a lifeguard, and knew there was to be a pool party, allowing children to jump headfirst into the shallow end of the pool, which resulted in a child being knocked unconscious.
  • An amusement park had a water attraction, and the slide ended in a pool too deep for the child to stand, which was made worse because the spacing between one water slide user and another was too close together, so that when the child landed at the exit of the slide, another child came popping out and they collided.
  • At a rental apartment, there was a community pool which had frogs jumping around the pool deck. The child fell in trying to catch one of the frogs.
  • The swimming pool was filthy with algae and bacteria, causing a sinus infection which caused a brain abscess.

There are important facts and factors to the evaluation of each drowning claim, and the medical transport records, 911 tapes, autopsy ( if performed), design and maintenance, inspection, security and other key items of evidence and documentation must be carefully sifted and weighed.

Depending on the drowning wrongful death lawsuit, there may need to be experts called to testify about water safety, water sports safety, the human factors of child behavior, medical causes of death, and perhaps experts in swimming pool design, water slide design, swimming pool security just to name a few.

This law firm aggressively investigates and represents the families of drowning victims, sparing no expense, and charging no legal fees unless there is a money recovery.