Drunk Drivers and Wrongful Death Claims

Drunk Drivers and Wrongful Death Claims

-The Most Aggressive Civil Prosecution Against Drunk Drivers-

It is no secret that driving while impaired due to alcohol is not a victimless crime. In wrongful death cases where alcohol was involved, this law firm gets busy.

As a past Chairperson of the Crime Victims Rights Committee for the Public Law Interest Section of the Florida Bar, Mr. Leeds takes a tough position with drunk driving offenders.

-Lawsuits Against Government Agencies for Failure to Monitor Drunk Drivers on Probation and Parole-

Often drunk drivers are repeat offenders, and have been released back out onto the street without appropriate monitoring or post conviction rehabilitation. Under such circumstances, claims against the irresponsible government agencies who have neglected their duties and orders may be considered.

-Lawsuits against Bars and Liquor Lounges for Serving Alcohol-

Some states have ” dramshop acts” which permit a lawsuit against a Bar or Liquor serving establishment for their negligence in serving cocktail after cocktail and beer after beer to an alcoholic.

Serving alcohol to a minor who uses and presents a false ID is another wrongful death case fact pattern that this law firm knows well. Maybe the minor who threw back a couple of shots of alcohol and then caused a fatal car accident was known to an older school friend – who was the bar tender or security at the liquor lounge, club, or strip club.

-Lawsuits for Fatal Car Accidents involving Synthetic Marijuana- Today, minors and underage drivers are often found in possession of not only empty beer cans but also prescription pill bottles.
Toxicology blood work screening tests may not return all the true and proper results about the use of narcotics, especially given the widespread use of synthetic marijuana.
Therefore, a law firm which aggressively demands the medical records, police investigative materials and drug screening tests of the drunk driver, and submits these reports and materials as needed to expert toxicologists, will be prepared to present a forceful presentation to the jury.
There is the possibility of a lawsuit against the vendor or company selling the synthetic drug, the manufacturer and distributor of the drug. Each case depends upon its own unique and individual facts and circumstances.