Your Journey of Healing after a Wrongful Death

Your journey of healing after a wrongful death may never be entirely over. Time may close some wounds, but scars will remain.

Through the application of experience, investigation, preparation and professional skill, this wrongful death law firm provides a clear and stable path to resolution of wrongful death claims, attaining the best possible outcome.

-Your Communication with us-

Your questions will be answered.
Your phone calls will be promptly returned.
You will be informed of major developments at all times, and the entire file will be made available to you for your inspection.

-Our Preparation-

We use only the highest credentialed and most reputable expert witnesses, such as medical examiners; engineers; accident reconstruction experts; surgeons.

We assemble all pertinent records, reports, medical charts and operating room records.

We take multiple depositions in the course of litigation, and while cross examining witnesses under oath.

We review all exhibits and records carefully, combing through all the evidence with a sharp eye and analytical mind.

-Our Presentation-

Here, more than any other facet of a wrongful death case, experience counts.

Using over 30 years of extensive pre litigation as well as trial experience in Wrongful Death lawsuits and claims the firm will prepare and present the most forceful and persuasive jury presentation possible.

Jury selection will be a key to this process, and the skill set of picking the best jury is something that cannot just be taught, it must be learned, and then earned, through experience.