Unique Grief Upon the Death of a Child

The death of a child

Grieving upon the death of a child is highly variable, and unique to parents and to others who are grieving the loss of a child they all knew and loved.

New scientific evidence and psychology studies have all but tossed out the old and accepted concept of the existence of stages-of-grief. The current and accepted thinking about the grieving process is that there is no predictable rhythm to your loss, no time frame for it, no beginning, middle or end.

Your wrongful death lawyer must prepare to present your unique case, and unique grieving, to a jury – to jury members who may or who may not have children of their own. A juror who is not a parent or has never been a parent is not disqualified from serving on your wrongful death lawsuit jury.

Each case gets its own unique jury, but wrongful death attorneys do not get to choose from an unlimited pool of possible jurors. At some point, the amount of jurors a wrongful death attorney feels will be best for the case, and that the attorney can select from, runs out.

Some of your jurors may not even have helped raise a child.

If you have this circumstance of having a jury which has a juror or jurors without the trul life experience of having their own child, how can they possibly understand the depth of your loss and suffering?

Clearly, an experienced wrongful death lawyer will have to explore and explain. To communicate, persuade and convince all the jurors.
Sometimes an expert psychologist or expert on the topic of grieving is permitted to testify by the Judge.

Friends and family, priests, psychiatrists, kindergarden teachers all may be called to testify as emotional effects of this tragedy are slowly and carefully introduced to the jury. If you have internalized all your grief and become a recluse, then these same witnesses might be called to paint the picture of your withdrawal from society.

Your wrongful death lawsuit requires a skilled attorney, one who is familiar with courtroom scenarios that may include members of a jury who may have nothing in common you, one who is dedicated and intimately familiar with the facts, and who is highly prepared. You need a law firm that understands how confused, vulnerable, devastated or angry you’re feeling. You need a law firm that cares.