Wrongful Death and Autopsy

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- Autopsy and Autopsies in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit -

There is no right or wrong about you and your family’s decision about having an autopsy of the deceased performed. Having an autopsy performed – or not – is a personal decision.

Some families would never ever consider submitting a wrongful death victim’s body to an autopsy. Whether this refusal or decision not to is because of religious reasons, personal considerations, beliefs or one of a thousand other reasons I have discussed over the decades with my clients, the effect is the same.

The following generalizations do not fit every fact, case, circumstance or situation.

When no autopsy gets performed, no autopsy evidence comes into the courtroom. Sometimes it does not matter if an autopsy was performed or not. The cause of death is normally not one of the most contested facts in automobile accident fatalities, construction accident fatalities, or electrocution fatalities.

By contrast, an autopsy often provides important evidence in wrongful death claims and lawsuits involving medical malpractice; misdiagnosed cancer; surgery that caused unexpected complications and death; drug overdoses and medication errors.

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