Wrongful Death money compensation factors – Age

Money Compensation that a jury may award in a wrongful death lawsuit will vary greatly depending upon a slew of different facts and circumstances, but here are some of the top most relevant points regarding the victims age:

Wrongful Death of an Elderly Person due to Medical Malpractice

The age of the victim does matter, usually quite a bit. Especially for a wrongful death lawyer considering a medical malpractice related wrongful death claim.

This is because the older the malpractice victim, the more likely it is that some of the jury would factor into the dollar amount of the jury award that there were fewer years remaining to live, and therefore the loss to the family consisting of the death of the victim would have happened in the near future.

There are several well respected counter-attacks and strategies to defuse and dilute the issue of the negligently caused death an elderly or advanced in age senior citizen, which an experienced wrongful death malpractice trial attorney knows to present at trial.

These include variously that the deceased was in their well earned and fought for golden years; that the guidance and wisdom of those of his/her age is now lost to the entire family.

We would argue, that the life of a surviving spouse had been intertwined with the deceased for decades, and so the death of the husband or wife is further devastating and compounded by their long history.

Of all the arguments I have made before juries in wrongful death claims, the specter of loneliness is one of the most powerful.

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