Wrongful Death money compensation factors – Documents

When a spouse and parent dies in a fatal car wreck, due to the fault and negligence of another driver, a wrongful death attorney needs to assemble a multitude of documents.

Here are some of the most frequently obtained documents:

The loss of earnings of a wage earner is something that normally will require extra special witnesses, such as an economist. The economist is an expert who will take the benefits which would have been coming to the family if the victim had not been killed in the auto accident, or because of a wrong prescription drug, surgery mistake, and will tell the jury about these lost benefits.

Social Security, life insurances, contributions to pensions, 401k, loss of investments. If the mom, dad, wife had continued to work, these different benefits would have been accrued. Then, the economist will factor in inflation, and after that the gross amount can be reduced to something called present money value. Other losses may include the loss of family or spouse health insurance coverage, which may require costly alternative premiums.

If the accident victim was a business owner, the presentation of lost income can be more difficult depending on the size and complexity of the business and the complexity of bookkeeping. Also, how well the business owner kept their records.

Some of the most important documents are tax returns, 1099′s, W2′s and other earnings records. This Wrongful Death law firm has represented families whose father/mother/ parent passed away but had never declared his income or filed taxes before.

There are legitimate ways to present such a claim for loss of future income. Tell us about that under the table job; tips as a bartender, server, waitress, or even using a different social security number and being illegally in the US.

We will need to know these secrets to properly present your claim and to avoid getting you into hot water by misrepresenting facts in your testimony. When you tell us, even in your free conference, there is an attorney client privilege which attaches for such confidentiality purposes.

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